So last week I installed Plex Media server on my desktop computer. I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how it would work.

After using it for a week, I’m never going back to what I had before, which was plugging a computer into the T.V. to play movies on.

Some set up was required but all this involved was telling Plex where my movies were located on my computer, it then scans the folder, gets all the cover artwork, the IMDB ratings, the synopses, even the starring actors. Once it’s finished with all this, it presents you with a rather lovely display of your collection as below.



Once it was set up on my computer, I was able to find it via my Roku 3 player and access my entire library from my TV. It’s probably worth noting that you can get the Plex app on many other devices. Android, Apple and Windows phones, LG and Samsung TVs, Xbox One and 360 all have apps available.

What do you need to set it up?

First, you need media that you can stream, this means having digital media on your computer or an attached network drive.

Second, the Plex Media Server software on a computer capable of running it.

Third, something to stream to, with it’s appropriate Plex app.

This image probably best illustrates it best, although I haven’t delved into the sharing friends media libraries or the online channels, maybe I’ll post about them when I know more.


For now, I couldn’t be happier with my setup, and I’ve recommended to 2 friends already.

If you want more info, visit the Plex website.