I’ve been considering buying a new TV. 3D movies and TV’s have never interested me, I’ve never thought they offered much in the way of extra value, until now. Well sort of. I still wouldn’t use 3D for general viewing, but while I was researching TV’s I discovered something quite cool. LG offers a feature on their TV’s called Dual Play, which allows you to have two players playing a split screen game but each player gets the full sized screen. After further digging I found out that ANY passive 3D TV can do this.

Here’s and article that explains how all this works.

Essentially you’re just tricking your TV into thinking the input it’s receiving is a 3D input, so it splits up the image as it would for 3D. Under normal circumstances, each eye would receive a different image (which is how 3D is achieved), but in this instance, each person gets a different image. This is because the glasses you would use (which you’d have to modify or buy specially made ones) only allows you to see the one image, the other person getting the other image.

That’s probably not a very good explanation, so if you want to know exactly how it works probably best to read that article I mentioned before.

However, after reading all this and thinking about it for a bit, I thought to myself, what’s to stop you from watching or doing two completely separate things on one TV? Well as it stands at the moment, not much. As far as I can tell, the technology exists, but has yet to be implemented. One problem I can see, is the audio. In a multiplayer video game, everyone hears the same sounds, which of course is fine and how it’s supposed to work. But if two people wanted to watch two different movies, there would be problems. Nevertheless, I think it’ll be interesting to see what manufacturers come up with over the next year or so.

Have a look at LG’s page on this, but keep in mind that the same thing is possible on any passive 3D TV.